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Direct to Garment

How is screen printing done?


Screen printing is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. The stencil opening creates the space through with the ink will go, to create the design. The ink is then pushed over the mesh, pulled by an fill blade or squeegee. As the blade is pulled, the ink is pushed through the mesh, onto the garment.


How is Direct to Garment (DTG) printing done?


Direct to Garment (DTG) is a method where a printer directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology.  It involves a special printer, which prints the ink directly onto the garment in the desired design. DTG uses specialty inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

Things you should know about screen printing:


Because of the technique of screen printing, only one color can be applied at a time. Therefore, the amount of colors in a t-shirt a limited, and each layer demands more time, another screen and stencil, and ultimately, more money. Screenprinting is a good choice for simple designs, one solid color, and when you’re making many t-shirts of the same design at a time.

Things you should know about DTG printing:


Since the DTG printer is as precise as…well…a printer, you’re able to print images in much higer detail than screen printing, and you’re not limited in color. Because the printer can print any image, customization is simple. This is also a good option for those who don’t have a lot of money to make an up-front investment for a large batch, because each t-shirt can be ordered separately.

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